Vinegar Hill lyrics | Daniel Knox

Vinegar Hill lyrics by Daniel Knox from his latest album titled Won’t You Take Me With You. Daniel Knox has written the lyrics of “Vinegar Hill” song.

Song: Vinegar Hill
Artist: Daniel Knox
Lyricist: Daniel Knox
Album: Won’t You Take Me With You
Release Date: January 15, 2021

Vinegar Hill lyrics

Listen to me ramble
Listen to me sing
Listen to me I don’t owe you a goddamn thing
Give me the brush
I’ll give you a song
Far better men than me were known to be wrong

Look at my face
Are you alone?
Look at me, not me, look at the one in your phone

The shape of the forehead
It’s a little bit crooked?
Oh shit-

Do you know what I’m thinking?
What do you think I’m about?
I’m gonna get in your head and kick my way out
I pick my battles
When I’m on the attack
I’m gonna disappear and then come roaring back

Why don’t you givе me the bad news
Throw mе away
I’ll do absolutely whatever you say
I wanna get better
Ah, but do you believe me?

You’ll have to excuse me
This is where I come in
It’s-where you left off but-I’m about to begin
I wanna take you with me
Up in the clouds
Let you go and laugh as you fall down

I gotta call my lawyer
Get in the way
I don’t think you hear what I’m trying to say
We’re gonna make a few changes
And hope nobody notice
You looked better with a –


Daniel Knox – Vinegar Hill