Lyrics to Look At Me | Daniel Knox

lyrics to Look At Me by Daniel Knox from his latest album titled Won’t You Take Me With You. Daniel Knox has written the lyrics of “Look At Me” song.

Song: Look At Me
Artist: Daniel Knox
Lyricist: Daniel Knox
Album: Won’t You Take Me With You
Release Date: January 15, 2021

Lyrics to Look At Me

Look at me
Then look away
Make a wish
On pocket change

Your favorite weapon
Is back in fashion

In somebody’s arms
In somebody’s heart
Love is a dream you have in the dark
You have to remember you’re always alone

I climbed into a strangers car
And au revoir

Always disappearing
For nothing
For no one

As it once was, so it will be
There is always someone near me
Moving slowly when you’re older
Kill the angel on your shoulder


Daniel Knox – “Look At Me” Official Music Video