King Of The Ball lyrics | Daniel Knox

King Of The Ball lyrics by Daniel Knox from his latest album titled Won’t You Take Me With You. Daniel Knox has written the lyrics of “King Of The Ball” song.

Song: King Of The Ball
Artist: Daniel Knox
Lyricist: Daniel Knox
Album: Won’t You Take Me With You
Release Date: January 15, 2021

King Of The Ball lyrics

I want to be right where I’m supposed to be
I want to kill everyone close to me
I want to wreck everything and then say that it’s mine
That’ll be fine

I want the piece I walked in the door with
I want the dollar they started the store with
And if I asked for it all would that be such a crime?
Don’t waste my time
Dropping a coin from the sky to see where it falls
What absolutely kills you makes me tall
King of the ball

Oh what a wonderful mind-bending joy it is
Feelings mutual, sure it is, boy it is
I want to kiss you and scream and then spit in your eye
Waving goodbye


That’s the sound of the demon whose come to collect
If you see me in hell what did you expect
Who’s next?


Daniel Knox – King Of The Ball