No Horizon lyrics | Daniel Knox

No Horizon lyrics by Daniel Knox from his latest album titled Won’t You Take Me With You. Daniel Knox has written the lyrics of “No Horizon” song.

Song: No Horizon
Artist: Daniel Knox
Lyricist: Daniel Knox
Album: Won’t You Take Me With You
Release Date: January 15, 2021

No Horizon lyrics

When I was only five
Some people came to our house
They took me with them and fled
I went willingly, or those who’d seen so said

In 1999
I turned up again
With no memory where I’d been
And people said that I seemed different then

No horizon
To look off to
No horizon
Only paper
And your body will betray you
Somebody will betray you

When my body was found
I was fifty years old
I’d seen that room before
But forgot about the distant sound
I’ll get it right next time around
I’ll run-right away from anyone
Who tells me they know where I’m from

No horizon
No horizon
No horizon
No horizon
No horizon


Daniel Knox – No Horizon