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Fall Apart lyrics by Daniel Knox from his latest album titled Won’t You Take Me With You. Daniel Knox has written the lyrics of “Fall Apart” song.

Song: Fall Apart
Artist: Daniel Knox
Lyricist: Daniel Knox
Album: Won’t You Take Me With You
Release Date: Nov 24, 2020

Fall Apart lyrics

You give away
A piece at a time
What you said you’d never sell at any price

You see the hand
Reaching out
You’d cut it off before you’d let it push you down

And if you feel the way I do
I’ve got bad news for you
They’re gonna get your story wrong
You’re gonna join the likes of me now sing along
Ahh – watching it all fall apart
Ahh – watching it all fall apart

This was the house
We used to own
The neighbors watched us from the window with the phone

We parked the car
A mile away
Walking back we couldn’t think of what to say

Would you tell me something nice
Would you take me by the hand
Speak in a language I know
Give me the look that only I would understand
Ahh – watching it all fall apart
Ahh – watching it all fall apart

Bricks and plastic and twine
What was yours? What was mine?
You can keep whatever… you find

And you may think you let me go
But there’s something you should know
I’m gonna show up in a dream
You’re gonna have a hard time letting go
Ohh – look at it all fall apart
On no – watching it all fall apart


Daniel Knox – “Fall Apart” Official Music Video

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