Broomsticks lyrics | The Pretty Reckless

Broomsticks lyrics by The Pretty Reckless from album titled Death By Rock And Roll. Ben Phillips & Taylor Momsen have written the lyrics of “Broomsticks” song.

Song: Broomsticks
Artist: The Pretty Reckless
Lyricist: Taylor Momsen & Ben Phillips
Album: Death By Rock And Roll
Release Date: October 23, 2020

Broomsticks lyrics

Broomsticks, tombs in graveyards loom
Tall hats, black cats, cauldrons, brew
We fly by the light of the full moon
Watch your neck when wolfsbane starts to bloom


The Pretty Reckless – Broomsticks (Official Music Video)

Album: Death By Rock And Roll (2021)
The Pretty Reckless

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