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Lavatory Lil Lyrics by Harry Styles from album titled McCartney III. Paul McCartney has also written the lyrics of “Lavatory Lil” song.

Song : Lavatory Lil
Artist: Paul McCartney
Lyricist: Paul McCartney
Album: McCartney III
Release Date: December 18, 2020

Lavatory Lil Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look out for Lavatory Lil
(Look out for Lavatory Lil)
You think that she’s a winner when she’s cookin’ you your dinner
But she’s really moving in for the kill
Lavatory Lil

[Verse 2]
Watch out for Lavatory Lil
(Watch out for Lavatory Lil)
She says it’s hunky-dory when she’s telling you a story
But she really thinks you’re making her ill
Lavatory Lil

[Bridge 1]
If you saw her coming at you, you could look the other way
But it isn’t easy when she’s rollin’ in the hay


[Verse 3]
So much for Lavatory Lil
(So much for Lavatory Lil)
You think she’s being friendly, but she’s looking for a Bentley
And she’d rather go and swallow a pill
Lavatory Lil

[Bridge 2]
If you saw that she was coming, you could get up off the track
But it isn’t easy when she hits you in the back

[Verse 4]
That’s it for Lavatory Lil
(That’s it for Lavatory Lil)
She’s acting like a starlet, but she’s looking like a harlot
As she’s slowly heading over the hill
Lavatory Lil

Lavatory Lil

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