The New Brick Lyrics | Sleaford Mods

The New Brick lyrics by Sleaford Mods from the album titled Spare Ribs. Jason Williamson has written the lyrics of “The New Brick” Song.
The Sleaford Mods band duo, Jason Williamson & Andrew Fearn, have composed the “The New Brick” song

Song: The New Brick
Artist: Sleaford Mods
Lyricist: Jason Williamson
Composed by: Jason Williamson & Andrew Fearn
Album: Spare Ribs
Release Date: January 15, 2021

The New Brick lyrics

Hey, the new brick

This brick’s got space it’s waiting
This mess is nothing, wait
This laughing pig is mild
For what’s to come is wide awake
And we’re all so Tory tired
And beaten by minds small
This beach is fckd, Point Break this ain’t
No one’s surfing here at all


Sleaford Mods | The New Brick

Album: Spare Ribs(2021)
Sleaford Mods

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