The Make Up lyrics | Tory Lanez

The Make Up lyrics by Tory Lanez from the album titled Playboy. Tory Lanez has written the lyrics of “The Make Up” song.

Song: ..The Make Up
Artist: Tory Lanez
Lyricist: Tory Lanez
ALBUM: Playboy
Release Date: March 5, 2021

The Make Up lyrics

You know the time
You know the time it is
It’s time we have some make up sex

Let’s f__ in the kitchen, I’m tryna make sure that you with it
You know that I  get it
You got a spot and you know that I hit it
You got somebody, knew you got somebody
And you know that that n__, he just don’t hit it
‘Cause if he hit it the way that I hit it right now you just would not be with me
You gotta keep it a buck with yourself
Before I chase you, I’ma f__ with myself
Damn, I don’t wan’ f__ with myself
‘Cause it’s lonely when I f__ with myself
Low-key when I f__ with myself
All of these nights of spending alone
Whеn I get to endin’ that pussy
You know you gon’ low-key havе to throw me the belt
You told me last night when we f__, this was the best head you ever got, don’t lie
You told me last night when we f__, this was the best sex you ever got, no, don’t lie
I’m getting chills, you and your latest new ni__ cannot be for real
You wanna blame us f__’ on the liquor, but you know you wanted to f__ on your feels
Go spend your time in Texas, now you just one of my exes
I ain’t even ’bout to stress it
‘Cause when I go find me somebody better, promise that it’s gon’ hurt
Yeah, it’s gon’ hurt
It’s gon’ f__’ hurt
I promise that you gonna feel how I feel and that’s hurt
I’m hurtin’, babe
And I’m so ashamed

Album: Playboy (2021)
Tory Lanez

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