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The Make Up lyrics by Tory Lanez from the album titled Playboy. Tory Lanez has written the lyrics of “The Make Up” song.

Song: ..The Make Up
Artist: Tory Lanez
Lyricist: Tory Lanez
ALBUM: Playboy
Release Date: March 5, 2021

The Make Up lyrics

You know the time
You know the time it is
It’s time we have some make up sex

Let’s fuck in the kitchen, I’m tryna make sure that you with it
You know that I  get it
You got a spot and you know that I hit it
You got somebody, knew you got somebody
And you know that that nigga, he just don’t hit it
‘Cause if he hit it the way that I hit it right now you just would not be with me
You gotta keep it a buck with yourself
Before I chase you, I’ma fuck with myself
Damn, I don’t wan’ fuck with myself
‘Cause it’s lonely when I fuck with myself
Low-key when I fuck with myself
All of these nights of spending alone
Whеn I get to endin’ that pussy
You know you gon’ low-key havе to throw me the belt
You told me last night when we fucked, this was the best head you ever got, don’t lie
You told me last night when we fucked, this was the best sex you ever got, no, don’t lie
I’m getting chills, you and your latest new nigga cannot be for real
You wanna blame us fuckin’ on the liquor, but you know you wanted to fuck on your feels
Go spend your time in Texas, now you just one of my exes
I ain’t even ’bout to stress it
‘Cause when I go find me somebody better, promise that it’s gon’ hurt
Yeah, it’s gon’ hurt
It’s gon’ fuckin’ hurt
I promise that you gonna feel how I feel and that’s hurt
I’m hurtin’, babe
And I’m so ashamed


Tory Lanez – …The Make Up [Official Visualizer]

Album: Playboy (2021)
Tory Lanez

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