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Station Wagon lyrics by Shame from the album titled Drunk Tank Pink. Shame have written the lyrics of “Station Wagon” Song.

Song: Station Wagon
Artist: Shame
Lyricist: Shame
Album: Drunk Tank Pink
Release Date: January 15, 2021

Station Wagon lyrics

I need a new solution
I need a new resolution
And it’s not even the end of the year
(Hit or miss, hit or miss)

It goes swell with a cup of coffee
Extra sugar and extra cream
I’m living the dream
(Hit or miss, hit or miss)

I’m sweet enough
But there’s no harm in getting sweeter
Just ask Rita
(Hit or miss, hit or miss, hit or miss)

The hits are heavy
But the misses are frequent
James Dean, juvenile delinquent

There’s no time to erode
There’s a new station wagon
And it’s hitting thе road

I feel light as a feather
Just like that cloud up high
I drift through all typеs of weather

These hands keep on breaking
Stretch through the mist
I could never resist temptation

Look up there
There’s something in that cloud
We’ve all seen it before
A constant vapour of light
Lift up my trousers
And kiss my earlobes
Feel the rain tremble
Through the sky
Won’t, won’t somebody please
Bring me that cloud
And all is but a distant memory
When I look up at it
Voices shatter in disbelief
That anything could ever look so
And like Atlas
I shall carry the weight
Of the sky on my shoulders
And if you listen closely
Then you’ll hear
The bones crack and
The muscles stretch
Voices, voices, voices
Happiness is only a habit
And if that’s true
Then I am habitually dependent on
Something I cannot control
Something I cannot
Touch, taste or tamper with
But nobody said this was gonna be easy
And with you as my witness
I’m gonna try and achieve
The unachievable
Because one day
That vapour will be in my pocket
Comforted by lint and an external warmth
And I wonder
Will it drift?
Will it change colour, shape and size?
We’re gonna be the only people that know about it
And that’s the only kind of thing worth knowing about
Won’t somebody please
Bring me that cloud
Move that cloud
Join us on Planet Cluj


Shame | Station Wagon