Ariana Grande – Ordinary things Lyrics

Ordinary things Lyrics by Ariana Grande from the album titled “Eternal sunshine”. Ariana Grande, Luka Kloser, Nick Lee & Marjorie Grande have written the lyrics of the song “Ordinary things”.

Sia & Kylie Minogue – Dance Alone Lyrics

Dance Alone Lyrics [Verse 1: Sia]Late night, you and IPost-fight, it’s my lifeLet’s roll, there’s the doorI’m all for 4/4 [Pre-Chorus: Sia]I watch you walk away, it’s just another dayDon’t need you to stay, ohI am not afraid, I know I’ll be okayThere’s nothing you can say, oh [Chorus: Sia]I just wanna dance alone, I … Read more

Ariana Grande – yes, and?Lyrics

Yes, and ? Lyrics by Ariana Grande is the lead single from her upcoming album. Ariana Grande, Max Martin & ILYA have written the lyrics of the song “yes, and?”. yes, and ? Lyrics [Verse 1]In case you haven’t noticedWell, everybody’s tiredAnd healin’ from somebodyOr somethin’ we don’t see just right [Pre-Chorus]Boy, come on, put your lipstick on … Read more