Walk on by Lyrics – Doja Cat

The song “Walk on by” by Doja Cat is the fourth track from her album titled “Hellmouth”. Doja Cat, Earl on the Beat, Burt Bacharach & Hal David have written the lyrics of the song “Walk on by”. Walk on by Lyrics [Intro: Dionne Warwick]ByWalk on byWalk on byWalk on byWalk on by [Chorus: Doja … Read more

When You Were Mine Lyrics – Hayd

When You Were Mine Lyrics by Hayd is the latest single. Hayd, Jonathan B. Kaye & Sarcastic Sounds have written the lyrics of the song “When You Were Mine”. When You Were Mine Lyrics [Verse 1]I close my eyes, but sleep is a dangerThoughts in the night used to feel saferUntil I let you inI … Read more

Do It Like That Lyrics – Jonas Brothers and TXT

The song “Do It Like That” by Jonas Brothers and TXT is a catchy dance-pop song about being blown away by someone’s charm and beauty. The lyrics are full of metaphors and similes, such as “you get me so off track, yeah/been spinnin’ for miles/but I think that you like that/can’t deny it” and “you’re … Read more

Lowlife Lyrics – YUNGBLUD

Lowlife Lyrics by YUNGBLUD is the latest single. YUNGBLUD, Jake Torrey & Paul Meany have written the lyrics of the song “Lowlife”. Lowlife Lyrics [Chorus]I’m not gonna go out todayI’m gonna sit right here and wish the world away‘Cause I’m a lowlife, lowlifeI don’t care if the people stareI’m gonna stay right here in my … Read more

My Bad Lyrics – The Chainsmokers & Shenseea

My Bad lyrics by The Chainsmokers & Shenseea is the lastest single. Adam Melchor, Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, Caroline Ailin, Dizzycleanface, LOSTBOY & Shenseea have written lyrics of the song “My Bad”. My Bad Lyrics Verse 1: Andrew Taggart]I know we set rules, but what can I do?I think of your body when I’m back … Read more

Belongs with you Lyrics – Munn

Belongs with you Lyrics by Munn is the latest Single. Dylan Stiles & Munn have written the lyrics of the song “Belongs with you.” Belongs with you Lyrics [Verse 1]Did you ever even love me?Is there anyone else? Did you feel what I felt?Was I not enough holyTo fix imperfections that you’ve been neglecting?Said not … Read more

Sam Smith Unholy Lyrics | Kim Petras

Unholy Lyrics by Sam Smith and Kim Petras from the album title “Gloria”. Sam Smith, Kim Petras, Blake Slatkin, Cirkut, ILYA, Jimmy Napes & Omer Fedi have written the lyrics of the song “Unholy”. Here are the official lyrics for “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras: Unholy Lyrics [Intro: Sam Smith & Kim Petras]Mummy … Read more

Never Loved Anyone Before Lyrics: Anne-Marie

“Never Loved Anyone Before” is a song about the singer’s newfound love and how it has transformed her life. She sings about how she was initially hesitant to let herself love someone because of her past, but the love of her partner has helped her to break down her walls and finally love herself. She … Read more

You and I: Anne-Marie and Khalid

The song “You and I” is a love song about two people who are going through a tough time. The lyrics express the desire to stay close and comfort each other during this difficult period. The song is about finding strength in each other and knowing that they are not alone. The song was released … Read more

“PSYCHO” Lyrics: A Song About Empowerment

“PSYCHO” Lyrics by Anne-Marie from the album title “Unhealthy”. Aitch, Anne-Marie, GRACEY, Henry Tucker, Samuel Brennan, Tom Hollings & Tom Mann have written the lyrics of the song “Psycho”. PSYCHO Lyrics [Verse 1: Anne-Marie]Oh no, look who guessed your password right, huhOh no, and the girl you said who ain’t your typeIs sendin’ messages, messages, … Read more