Oversharers Anonymous lyrics – Wild Pink

Oversharers Anonymous lyrics by Wild PinK from the album titled A Billion Little Lights. Wild Pink have written the lyrics of “Oversharers Anonymous” song.

Song: Oversharers Anonymous
Artist: Wild Pink
Lyricist: Wild Pink
Album: A Billion Little Lights
Release Date: January 14, 2021

Oversharers Anonymous lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hell yeah, I saw an analogue
There’s a tower in the valley and it won’t be long
There’s a cross in the rocks by the roadside like
Copy in an ad workshopped on Slack so you’ll say
“I clearly see the analogue now”
Thank God I’m wrong all the time
I’ve been so wrong my whole life
And I’m tired of paying twice
Why can’t both things be true?
Why can’t both be true?
You’re a f__ baby but your pain is valid too

And me, I’m not hurt
You’re just dumb anyways
Yeah, you’re dumb and it doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter anyway

[Verse 2]
Out West they shot all the buffalo
Pissed down the barrels of their red hot guns
Went around and skinned them but left them though
Their bones to blanch in the prairie sun
Their line’s been passed down a hundred years now
With something jailers in a prison town know
Why can’t both things be true?
Why can’t both be true?
Thank God we’re born free but just don’t lose the keys
They hate our freedom but you can’t turn anything off

Album: A Billion Little Lights (2021)
Wild Pink

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