King Ghost lyrics | Steven Wilson

King Ghost lyrics by Steven Wilson from his latest album titled The Future Bites. Steven Wilson has written the lyrics of “King Ghost” song.

Song: King Ghost
Artist: Steven Wilson
Lyricist: Steven Wilson
Album: The Future Bites
Release Date: Oct 29, 2020

King Ghost lyrics

Will you help me gather my thoughts?
Will you help me find the transitions I forgot?
Can you be me for a moment? (Yeah)
Live inside me
And see the world the way it always looks to me

And when you’re moving through a photograph
You’re faster than most
You’re bloody king ghost
But you’re kind of wasted
And I wish I’d waited
For you
To come to

King ghost hold me
Like I was your only memory


You see that’s what I’m talking about
You can wash away the dirt
But you can’t wash away the failure
You’d better take your meds
Get out of bed
And pay me some attention (oh)

King ghost hold me
Like I was your only memory

King ghost hold me
Like I was your only memory


Steven Wilson – KING GHOST (Official Video)

Album: The Future Bites
Steven Wilson

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