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Intro lyrics by Digga D from the album titled Made In The Pyrex. Digga D has written the lyrics of “Intro” Song.

Song: Intro
Artist: Digga D
Lyricist: Digga D
Album: Made In The Pyrex
Release Date: February 26, 2021

Intro lyrics

[Intro: Luga Vellz]
Big f####ng Luga Vellz (5ive made it)
Digga D, Made In The Pyrex, n###a
Some real f###in’ s##t, haha

Twelve bills for the jacket, six racks for the ‘matic
Put a two-y of the magic on a nina or the baddest
Take risks, late shifts, Amiris cost me eight fifths
My white girl take sniff, fake nails, fake t##s
Tints blacker than the ones that’s on the court bus
C220 Sport Plus, I still let the fours bust
Model in the passy, all she really like is footballers
Told her it’s the same, I still shoot, score and take corners
Got a two, wе left, you know it’s all pro, yo
Your b###h broke ’cause shе livin’ off his promo
Ice, took a pitcher, what? You thought it was a photo?
It’s goin’ OT to where the cats love the coco
I’m sittin’ down in my cell
Chattin’ to my mans girl
Says she’s comin’ on a V (Comin’ on a V)
Travelled all the way to Felts (All the way)
So how could you talk my name? (My name)
Bro, you ain’t got no shame (No shame)
I heard they’re tryna jump in beef, bro
You should ride for your mates
P###y boy, go and suck your mum
P###y boy, go and bust your gun


Digga D – Intro