I Am Cliche lyrics | Steven Wilson

I Am Cliche lyrics by Steven Wilson from the album titled The Future Bites. Steven Wilson has written the lyrics of “I Am Cliche” song.

Song: I Am Cliche
Artist: Steven Wilson
Lyricist: Steven Wilson
Album: The Future Bites
Release Date: January 29, 2021

I Am Cliche lyrics

I got an existential crisis
I got millennium blues too late
I got addictions and all the hip vices
I’m a personal earthquake
’Cos I am cliche

I got prescription meds to warm me
I love music but I don’t wanna pay
It doesn’t take much to make me angry
I’m the king of complaining
‘Cos I am cliche

I got addictions and all the hip vices
A bag of nerves with ADD
I’m a dream of my own creation
You won’t even see me
‘Cos I am cliche

I kid myself I’m saying something worthwhile but

Here’s to the heyday of paranoia
‘Cos I am cliche


Album: The Future Bites
Steven Wilson

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