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Heart lyrics by The Weather Station from the album titled Ignorance . The Weather Station have written the lyrics of “Heart” song.

Song: Heart
Artist: The Weather Station
Lyricist: The Weather Station
Album: Ignorance
Release Date: February 5, 2021

Heart lyrics

I don’t have the heart to conceal my love
When I know it is the best of me
If I should offend you, I will show myself out
You can bury me in doubt if you need to
I can walk out in the street, no-one need look at me
It is with my eyes I see
I guess that I am soft, but I am also angry
But I will feel all my loss
I will hold my heart inside me
My dumb eyes turn toward beauty, turn towards sky, renewing
My dumb touch is always reaching, for green for soft for yielding
In the pale dim light, I am always reeling, through long midnights of feeling
Of all the many things that you may ask of me, don’t ask me for indifference
Don’t come to me for distance
No, I don’t have the heart to concеal my love
If it is too hard to look at me, I will show myself out
Walk out in thе city
You can bury me in doubt if you feel it necessary


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