Foreigner Lyrics | Tyga

Foreigner Lyrics by Tyga from album tilted Well Done Fever. DJ Drama & Tyga have also written the lyrics of “Foreigner” song.

Song : Foreigner
Artist: Tyga
Lyricist: DJ Drama & Tyga
Album : Well Done Fever
Released: December 25, 2020

Foreigner Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Business let’s at least do it with a view
Somewhere foreign with some foreigns
Let’s paint the picture

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Foreigner, every whip I push make the doors go up
Still young heartbreak, ni__ fall in love
Everything well done, still I warm it up
Pop the ceil on the beep then I pour it
Motherf__ wanna sit, can’t eat with us
How she came in the beep then she leave with us
Ni__ ain’t gang wanna bang with us
Too dangerous, I’m flaming up
Cars on the wall got it hanging up
And my new bitch gotta chain it up
Got big chains, I ain’t change up
No bankrupt, make the bank erupt
I make it rain, clean the rain up
Like quicksand, ni__’ times up
Trying to step in my lane, it’s closed up
I’m nice, I’m icy
Rock-rockstar like Ozzy
Still gangland like Mozzi
And I push the Rolls, no Masi
She gon’ eat the steak like papi
I’m popping shit ’cause I’m cocky
It’s spicy like wasabi
Tommy, mami
Ayy, ayy
Private location island
I’m smiling, she wilding
I’m hard as my diamonds
I’m faded, vomit
Patek ain’t for the timing
Dior’s on the Jordan
Can’t f__ with me like a Mormon
I cut her off ’cause she boring

[Interlude: DJ Drama]
It’s called Well Done for a reason
Top chef this season
This not new to us, we been here
Come on man

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Ayy, ayy
Don’t tease me, make it easy
Baby please me
Got alphabet bitches, A to Z
No sex tape, it’s a movie
We shag now, feeling groovy
That paper on me like loose leaf
And she slurp me like a smoothie
Yeah bitch I’m raw like sushi
I’m undisputed with new tings
Gangsta Grillz what the drama bring
That pussy clean like Summer’s Eve
I’m the one, I got the New Year’s Eve
Bitch came and ain’t never leave
In the hills like Beverly
Ocean view so heavenly
Got ivory and ebonize
Yee, yee
She styling moving on the molly
I’m laying in the tropics
Miami girl, she bout it
Telling ass ni__
I don’t see no problem
Like a Blow Pop
She clean it like a mop
Ooh, you’re so dangerous
Ni__ ain’t gang wanna bang with us
Money talks so don’t talk to us
Contract I ball it up
Come back with a bigger number
Don’t act like I ain’t big enough
Ass fat, gotta live it up
Baby don’t spit it up, don’t spit it up

[Outro: DJ Drama & (Tyga)]
She got the fever now
That always happens
Especially after somewhere foreign
We like it
(Drama, give me some other shit)