For the Night Lyrics | Tyga

For the Night Lyrics by Tyga from the album titled Well Done Fever.Tyga has also written the lyrics of “For the Night” song.

Song : For the Night
Artist: Tyga
Lyricist: Tyga
Album: Well Done Fever
Release Date: December 25, 2020

For the Night Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Aight so we back again ni##a to something talk about
She something never tastes like
She’s always good loving rapper
She’s always good loving DJ
Ah yeah and we still like our s##t “Well Done“
T-Raww, get em

[Part 1: Tyga]
She gon’ do some wrong (wrong), but the price is right (right)
Said she know how to suck and she know how to f##k (how to f##k)
I gotta tell me twice (twice), slide on her like Billie Jean
In a day, time gon’ might jack pull her at night (night)
Ever call you bae for the day don’t mean I’m tryna make you a wife (no)
Said she got bomb pu##y and shе said my dick is like dynamite (boom)
Had to c#m two times (two timеs), we break up, make a f###ing fight (fight)
Enjoy my life, this s##t so awesome (awesome), ten years still flossin’ (flossin’)
I’m The Stone Cold Truth“ like Steve Austin (Austin)
You gotta problem like Austin, [?] like Boston
I’m the bossy (ha) and my bi##h so bossy (bossy)
Like Alys was here, no Game Of Thrones but this s##ts be getting slaughtered (huh)
One day, I’ll have a daughter
Hope she don’t f##k with no rappers (no), but this girls like rappers
So they suck, they kiss their boyfriend after (ugh), girl, you so nasty
If I got a hundred dollars every bad bi##h that passed me
I’d be Bezo daddy, T-Raww gladly
Get you diamonds, Birkin, Maggy, just don’t ex me
Tell me Sassy (Sassy), she a dog like Lassie (Lassie), bustin’ down on an a## chick
Now she ashy (ashy), Imma call you Ashley (Ashley), a## cash, Lil Cassie
Baby, don’t pass me, you know I ball like Messi (ya), set this dick game free
Gotta cash app me (ya), don’t tease and arrest me (ya), I like ‘em ratchet and classy (huh)
She wanna be Saweetie (ah), stack chains like Quavo (pow)
And we stack that bread like a Lego (aye)
Pop up with a toast like a Eggo (pop)
And a chain can ?
This s##t so breezy, I killed it, I bleed it (haha)
She taking her off her Yeezy, she keeping on her CC (woah)
Go Bibi (go Bibi), back that a## up like B.B
She from D.C., keep it [?], shoutout [?]
We wildin’ (wildin’, yeah), R.I.P. to the goat
Pop, pop to the smoke (smoke), to the moon, let it flow (flow, flow, low)

[Outro: DJ Drama & Tyga]
(W-w-well done)
You’re welcome! (R.I.P to the goat)
This subscription is all us
R.I.P. to the goat
To the moon, let it flow
This s##t so Tyga like, ten years later s##t is like damn