For the Night Lyrics | Tyga

For the Night Lyrics by Tyga from the album titled Well Done Fever.Tyga has also written the lyrics of “For the Night” song.

Song : For the Night
Artist: Tyga
Lyricist: Tyga
Album: Well Done Fever
Release Date: December 25, 2020

For the Night Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Aight so we back again nigga to something talk about
She something never tastes like
She’s always good loving rapper
She’s always good loving DJ
Ah yeah and we still like our shit “Well Done“
T-Raww, get em

[Part 1: Tyga]
She gon’ do some wrong (wrong), but the price is right (right)
Said she know how to suck and she know how to fuck (how to fuck)
I gotta tell me twice (twice), slide on her like Billie Jean
In a day, time gon’ might jack pull her at night (night)
Ever call you bae for the day don’t mean I’m tryna make you a wife (no)
Said she got bomb pussy and shе said my dick is like dynamite (boom)
Had to cum two times (two timеs), we break up, make a fucking fight (fight)
Enjoy my life, this shit so awesome (awesome), ten years still flossin’ (flossin’)
I’m The Stone Cold Truth“ like Steve Austin (Austin)
You gotta problem like Austin, [?] like Boston
I’m the bossy (ha) and my bitch so bossy (bossy)
Like Alys was here, no Game Of Thrones but this sluts be getting slaughtered (huh)
One day, I’ll have a daughter
Hope she don’t fuck with no rappers (no), but this girls like rappers
So they suck, they kiss their boyfriend after (ugh), girl, you so nasty
If I got a hundred dollars every bad bitch that passed me
I’d be Bezo daddy, T-Raww gladly
Get you diamonds, Birkin, Maggy, just don’t ex me
Tell me Sassy (Sassy), she a dog like Lassie (Lassie), bustin’ down on an ass chick
Now she ashy (ashy), Imma call you Ashley (Ashley), ass cash, Lil Cassie
Baby, don’t pass me, you know I ball like Messi (ya), set this dick game free
Gotta cash app me (ya), don’t tease and arrest me (ya), I like ‘em ratchet and classy (huh)
She wanna be Saweetie (ah), stack chains like Quavo (pow)
And we stack that bread like a Lego (aye)
Pop up with a toast like a Eggo (pop)
And a chain can ?
This shit so breezy, I killed it, I bleed it (haha)
She taking her off her Yeezy, she keeping on her CC (woah)
Go Bibi (go Bibi), back that ass up like B.B
She from D.C., keep it [?], shoutout [?]
We wildin’ (wildin’, yeah), R.I.P. to the goat
Pop, pop to the smoke (smoke), to the moon, let it flow (flow, flow, low)

[Outro: DJ Drama & Tyga]
(W-w-well done)
You’re welcome! (R.I.P to the goat)
This subscription is all us
R.I.P. to the goat
To the moon, let it flow
This shit so Tyga like, ten years later shit is like damn

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