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Everybody Dies Lyrics by Billie Eilish from the album titled Happier Than Ever. FINNEAS & Billie Eilish have written the lyrics of the “Everybody Dies” song.

Song: Everybody Dies
Artist: Billie Eilish
Lyricist: FINNEAS & Billie Eilish
Album: Happier Than Ever
Release Date: July 30, 2021

Everybody Dies Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everybody dies, surprise, surprise
We tell each other lies, sometimes, we try
To make it feel like we might be right
We might not be alone
Be alone

[Verse 2]
“Everybody dies,” that’s what they say
And maybe, in a couple hundred years, they’ll find another way
I just wonder why you’d wanna stay
If everybody goes
You’d still be alone

[Verse 3]
I don’t wanna cry, some days I do
But not about you
It’s just a lot to think about
The world I’m used to
The one I can’t get back, at lеast not for a while
I sure have a knack for seein’ lifе more like a child
It’s not my fault, it’s not so wrong to wonder why
Everybody dies, and when will I?

[Verse 4]
You oughta know
That even when it’s time, you might not wanna go
But it’s okay to cry and it’s alright to fall
But you are not alone

You are not unknown


Billie Eilish – Everybody Dies (Official Lyric Video)

Album: Happier Than Ever (2021)

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