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Break From LA Freestyle lyrics by G-Eazy is the latest single. Kaash Paige & G-Eazy have written the lyrics of “Break From LA Freestyle” song

Song: Break From LA Freestyle
Artist: G-Eazy
Lyricist: Kaash Paige & G-Eazy
Release Date: March 17, 2021

Break From LA Freestyle Lyrics

I-I don’t wanna-I don’t wanna do this sht a bunch of times
Turn-turn the music up a little bit

Uncharted territory, been paving a way
None of my friends or family have been famous this way
Feel all alone, you and I aren’t the same in this way
I vent, but no one wants to hear me complainin’ today
Fck, maybe I just need a break from LA
The magnetism makes it difficult stayin’ away
It’s always somethin’ and I know this sounds crazy to say
It’s the point I crack ever since I’ve been breakin’ away
Beautiful girl, you move in an angelic way (Look)
But I can’t lie to you just to make it okay
So stay away, trust me it’ll be safer this way
Your heart is fragile and I’m not tryna break it today
She said ‘You’re so dark and mystеrious’
She acts like she listеns, but her heart isn’t hearin’ this
And yeah drugs are cool, but when they start interferin’ it’s
A problem, then the only thing that I’m fearin’ is
The way out’s not as obvious as the entrance was
Spaced out, couldn’t tell you where my attention was
I’ve seen it all happen, and to the best of us
Slip up and forgettin’ what the directions was
Lookin’ back on last year, look what a mess I was
Anxiety on a thousand, that’s just how stressed I was
Disguises fooled me, ain’t recognize what the blessing was
Ain’t see it comin’, they hit me, that’s what the lesson was
TMZ says anything to make em click the bait
And you can’t litigate, the story’s out so go and get your plate
Tryna put the fire out? you’re just a little late
Would hate for you to see me when I’m in this state (Fck)
Hoppin on the interstate
‘Cause LA’s making me turn into all the sht I hate
Some days I feel like I’m startin’ to disintegrate
Then other days feel like my good is turnin’ into great
‘Cause I’m accomplishing all of my goals, married to this sht
On my knee like I gotta propose
Not even religious, but I gotta thank God I suppose
Drivin’ through Hollywood I laugh at how all this sht goes
The allure of Sunset Boulevard, the bright lights of the city
They come from far and wide, and really find it pretty (Haha)
They really think it’s pretty (Yeah)
I mean they really think it’s pretty
It’s killin’ me inside, I feel like the reapers tryna get me
I’m pushin’ demons off, ain’t know I have to fight this many
I took me a few years til recently it finally hit me
This life isn’t like anything, for real it’s kind of trippy
Music and the movie business all mixed together with pon
Californiacation lives here and $ex is the norm
Haha, sht is funny
The irony of leaving sunny Los Angles for the mountains to weather the storm

You know, I guess I needed a break (yeah)
That sht’ll make you go crazy
Reporting live from — undisclosed location in the mountains somewhere
Someplace far, far away
The only place I find peace
Necessary breaks from the chaos
You know


G-Eazy – Break From LA Freestyle